Translation Services






Given the demands involved in translating legal documents and the need for proficiency, competence, and precision, we ensure a superior document translation service that meets your specific needs. 


Our top-tier translation team consists of law school professors (both current and former), an attorney and journalist who worked for The Financial Times and The Economist, local Taiwanese attorneys, and specialized foreign language translators.


Our diverse and expert group combines practical translation skills with real-world legal professionalism, resulting in a quality document and useable end product.




 Our distinctive advantages include:







1. Practical and extensive experience in document drafting and negotiations. 


Our attorneys have worked on all manners of documents including commercial contracts, letters of intent, memoranda of understanding/MOU, OEM/ODM Agreements, Sales Agreements, Joint Venture Agreements,  Licensing Agreements, Distribution Agreements, Letters of Intent/LOI, Order Forms, Bills of Lading, Letters of Credit/LC,  and Intellectual Property documents. Our staff also have worked on all forms of court documents (resulting from litigation work in the US, Europe, China, and Taiwan) and legal contracts in various legal fields (both in English and Chinese).




2. Trusted legal professionals, recognized by the government, commercial sector, and academia.


Our attorneys have served as Copyright Advisors, Copyright Disputes Mediators, interpreters for the Taiwanese government, and translators of English reference sources for officials and academia. 




3. Strict oversight and involvement by our senior attorneys.


All translations are subject to careful examination by our senior staff to ensure for precision and quality.




4. Client and data security.


Data is secured via a Non-Disclosure Agreement, and a conflicts of interest check also is conducted. 




5. Efficiency and timeliness.


Complex legal documents and tight deadlines are expected and are always met, in line with our usual legal services.