Practice Areas


Intellectual Property (IP) Licensing & IP Transactions


Patent Applications & Protections; Copyright Licensing; Trademark Licensing & Protections; Trade Secrets Protections; IP Applications & Transactions; IP Valuations; Contract Drafting & Negotiations; Mediations & Arbitrations



Foreign Investment, M&A, Contract Negotiations, and Dispute Resolutions


Mergers & Aquisitions; Joint Venture Agreements; Contract Negotiations & Draftings; Foreign Direct Investment; Dispute Resolutions; Arbitrations; Company Setups; Working Visa Applications



Taiwanese Laws Consulting/ Copyright, Trademark, Patent, and Trade Secret (Intellectual Property) Litigations    


Taiwanese Corporate and Commercial Laws Consulting; Litigations involving issues on Taiwanese Copyright, Trademark, Patent, Trade Secret (Intellectual Property Rights), Corporate, and Commercial Laws    



Foreign Laws Consulting & Foreign Litigations


International Legal Disputes; International Litigations; Foreign Legal Affairs




Commercial Contracts & International Business Transactions


International Cooperations; Business Contracts; International Transactions; Corporate Law